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Indulge- after relaxing and unwinding in our wash house your stylist will consult with you on the look that you want to achieve and how to it maintain at home 

  • Protégés haircuts start at $30 to $35 include blowout and style. Protégé stylists are still building their books and have more open availability in the salon. They are New Talent in our salon and cant wait to meet you.
  • Evolve haircuts start at $40 to $47 with more experience and a keen eye and ear to detail, these stylists have completed many hours of extended education and are the Stars in our salon.
  • Experience haircuts start at  $48 to $56. This is where precision cutting and a vast knowledge of haircutting is displayed these Extremely talented staff members have traveled much for extended education. They are considered our R.E.D stylists in the salon based off their Reputation, Education, and Demand.
  •  COMING SOON Exclusive haircuts start at $72